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Recipe: Sarah’s ABC Smoothie

Posted on Apr 4, 2014 by in Eat & Drink, Health & Wellness | 0 comments


Sarah's ABC Smoothie. Photo by Sarah Tung.

Sarah’s ABC Smoothie. Photo by Sarah Tung.


After reading up on Fitness Blender’s smoothie recipes online, I was inspired to come up with my own version, using the ingredients I already own.

By the way, Fitness Blender has some awesome workouts that are ideal for when you can’t get out of the house or make it to the gym. Their workout videos typically utilize your body’s various muscles rather than rely on a lot of equipment. Of course, it’s helpful to have a yoga or Pilates mat, weights and resistance bands on hand.

I used my new Hamilton Beach Personal Blender with travel lid. It’s an inexpensive alternative to the massive industry-sized blenders out there and is mainly used for making juice or smoothies. Just don’t go crazy with letting the motor run too much: it’s not built for large chunks of ice! You could also use this blender for whipping up shakes, salad dressings and marinades.

Sarah’s ABC Smoothie: Apple Cider, Banana and Carrot Smoothie


1/8 Cup milk
3/4 Cup plain yogurt (you can reduce it to 1/2 cup for a less thicker version)
1 Whole banana
1/2 Cup fresh apple cider (for a different take, try other juices, such as orange juice or pineapple juice)
1/2 Cup carrot, washed


Pour milk into the blender, followed by the yogurt. Add the peeled banana, then blend the mixture. When the banana is completely blended, add the fresh apple cider and washed carrots. Blend until all big pieces are crushed. Optional: Toss in some small ice cubes if you’d like your smoothie to be chilled.

Makes one large serving.


Conclusion: The fruit content in this recipe make it not only appetizing but also good for you! It includes a generous dose of Vitamins A and B6, with a dash of Vitamin C and iron. The banana adds potassium and fiber, filling you up. Drink this post-workout or as a fun snack. The yogurt (I used non-fat Fage Greek strained yogurt for this recipe, but choose your favorite) contains a good portion of “friendly” probiotic bacteria and calcium, to aid digestion.


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