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The Quintessence of Life

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 by in Life, Media | 0 comments

Number 25 is my best ever, the quintessence of life, I think. I trust you’ll get it where it needs to go…


Quintessence of life

Photo by Sarah Tung.


A few days ago I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (produced by and starring Ben Stiller in the lead role of Walter Mitty) and was pleasantly amused. My first impression from the trailer was that it was going to be a fun movie but light on content. I didn’t expect it to blow my mind with deep revelations or to trigger epiphanies on existence and mortality. I didn’t expect to take away gems of wisdom that could very well apply to my own life…but I did. The film revolves around finding one’s life purpose and not being afraid to take risks to achieve your goals and dreams. Along the way you’ll realize that there are people you can rely on to help pull you out of the quicksand of your imagination when you’re feeling helpless and alone – but relationships don’t just get all tight and cozy out of nowhere. They take time to build and nurture, as do most worthwhile things.

The film is also a veritable feast for the eyes, showcasing stunning visuals from various countries, such as Iceland and Greenland. It’s like Globetrekkers in high-definition: volcanoes foaming over, frosty ice-clad seas swallowing boats at tide, Mitty flying down winding rural roads on his skateboard, hiking up to the top of a rocky mountain crag.

R and I unfortunately had a trip to Aruba and a trip to the Turks and Caicos three days later cancelled this month due to snowstorms and airline staffing conditions. Since we weren’t able to travel to our warm destinations, while watching this movie we imagined ourselves in Mitty’s shoes, careening to-and-fro, and it helped ease the cabin fever a bit.

There’s more to the movie, but I guess you’ll just have to watch it to find out. I encourage you to discover what you’re passionate about and pursue that. Learn and explore new things. As the ancient Greek playwright Euripedes once wrote, “Leave no stone unturned.”

If you haven’t seen Mitty, you may ask: so…what was number 25?

I challenge you to go out there and find your quintessence! 🙂


Life is about courage and going into the unknown.

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